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Create beautiful & functional Breadcrumb navigation menus instantly with Divi Breadcrumbs Ultimate

Breadcrumbs Module Settings

Divi Breadcrumbs Ultimate is the next generation in breadcrumbs for Divi. If you are a customer of the original product (Divi Breadcrumbs Classic), please click here.

What’s new with Divi Breadcrumbs Ultimate?


381 new separator options (All divi icons)
Filter to change category page breadcrumb
Filter to change custom taxonomy page breadcrumb

An option to hide category text, Archive text and other options is added (default is set to hide)
Filter to change product label
An option to hide quotation marks from category pages and archive pages is added (default is set to hide)
Added filter to change post_type slug and title
Added filter to change is_archive function for paged number
Ongoing support, updates, and enhancements

How It Works

On websites that have a lot of pages, breadcrumb navigation can greatly enhance the ways users find their way around. Divi Breadcrumbs Ultimate is the best way to add breadcrumbs to your Divi website.

1. Download & Install Divi Breadcrumbs Ultimate
2. Edit & Customize Breadcrumbs using Divi
3. Watch your SEO & User Experience Improve


Website Flow

Improves Website Visitor Flow

Boosts SEO

Boosts SEO

Limitless Designs

Virtually Limitless Designs

Creates Contextual Awareness

Creates Contextual Awareness


No need for other SEO Plugins

Extensive Divi Module Options

Extensive Divi Module Options

Fully Compatible with the Divi Website Builder

Divi Breadcrumbs Ultimate offers a variety of features from placing simple breadcrumbs to the selection of a separator icon from a list o 300+ icons.

Fully Functional as a Divi Module

Edit your Breadcrumbs in the Divi editor. After you download and install Divi Breadcrumbs Ultimate it is available as a module within your Divi Module editor to allow for endless design and customization possibilities


  • Really simple to use. No visual editor abilities, though. 
    PS: We Just Added visual editor abilities in Divi Breadcrumbs Pro V3.X 🙂 

    Seth Goldstein

  • Für umfangreichere Seiten ein absolutes MUSS! Gute Arbeit.
    Translated to English: For large sites, an absolute must! Good work.

    Jan Adamiak

Pricing Plan

We offer 3 pricing plans best suited for hobbyist developer to professional developers

Frequently Asked Questions 
Where can I download the module?

Login to your DiviCake account, Purchase the plugin (or download if you have already purchased)

Where can I access the module?

After you activate the plugin a module should automatically appear in the module list. The name of the module is Breadcrumbs.

Can I still use Divi Breadcrumbs Ultimate if my license expires?

Yes, you can use Divi Breadcrumbs Ultimate even if your license expires, however to get updates you must have an active license key.

Will you add new features?

Yes, and we plan to keep working hard not only to deliver new features in the upcoming updates but also ensure it is compatible with every Divi update.

Can I sell Divi Child Theme with it?

Contact us for obtaining a developer’s license to include Divi Breadcrumbs Pro in your Divi Child Theme.

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